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Patented products, IIOT solutions, world class service, and combustion expertise has differentiated PSNERGY as a leading partner to global Steel, Aluminum, and Heat Treating companies.

Their leading edge products and services deliver massive productivity for international customers whose end products impact nearly every industry worldwide.




Total Combustion Solution (TCS)

PSN designed the Total Combustion Solution (TCS) so companies like yours can increase your furnace performance by 10-20%, and sustain it.

TCS is the long term solution you’ve been looking for.

Consisting of:

  • Combustion Monitoring & Alerting
  • Radiant Tube Inserts for applicable furnaces
  • Expert Training and Service Team

Everything you make goes through a furnace at least once. This means combustion performance is directly tied to business performance. TCS is a cost effective, long term solution with an almost immediate ROI. After the installation of TCS, your company will see combustion efficiency rise significantly, yielding one or more of:

  • Higher product quality
  • Increased BTUs to the load
  • Increased throughput
  • Reduced emissions per ton
  • Decreased fuel cost

Combustion Monitoring and Alerting

The power of CMA lies within your personalized combustion performance reports, derived from a multitude of sensors, and delivered directly to your connected device. The PSNERGY Cloud allows for you to access real time data to take corrective action when furnace levels are outside of an acceptable range, and historical data to determine past trends and predict new ones.

Measuring every component of combustion is crucial to maintaining the highest level of furnace performance. CMA uses a suite of sensors including excess oxygen, air and gas pressures and flows to provide a data driven view of the combustion system. Data from these sensors is seamlessly transferred to combustion performance reports and real time dashboards accessible from any connected device. CMA not only automates the process of manually checking combustion, it also functions as a digital meter when it’s time to make an adjustment.

With CMA, your team has capabilities to measure the following:

  • Zone, tube and burner variations
  • Gas regulator performance
  • Motorized Control Valve (MCV) function
  •  Heat ups and downtime

Radiant Tube Inserts (RTI)

Radiant tube furnaces are degrading daily. Without taking the proper precautions, your furnace is not running as efficiently as it could, and your company is losing out.

Combat your current and future combustion challenges with our patented Radiant Tube Inserts (RTIs). This quick, retrofit solution requires little to no furnace downtime. Keep your furnace running efficiently, and your fuel costs and emissions down.

PSNERGY's patented Radiant Tube Inserts (RTIs) are a quick, retrofit solution to modern combustion problems. As stricter regulations regarding emissions and higher fuel prices are introduced to the industry, RTIs are a simple solution to increase furnace efficiency up to 20%, meet environmental regulations, and consistently deliver high quality product.

RTIs can be used in a variety of furnace configurations:

  • U-Tubes
  • W-Tubes
  • Straight Tubes
  • Trident Tubes
  • Recuperated & Non-recuperated systems